About me

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm Dacheat Meltroni, a boring old line member of TEST This site was solely meant for my learning purposes. As I described in the announcement post here I wrote this to learn some web development while I was furloughed from my real life job.

About World War Bee(2)

This is the second installment of a major conflict in Eve Online where the majority of the player base unites together against a single enemy- The Imperium, the single largest and wealthiest group of players in the game The first iteration of the war was fought about 4 years ago and is sometime called the Casino War or World War Bee. You can visit the participants page to see a list of groups taking part in the battle

How the site works

I try my best to keep an unbiased list of fights that take place, referencing Reddit AAR's when possible or talking to contact in game for information. You can submit a battle report for submission at input. Fights listed should have a total destroyed amount of ~10b or more. There are some discrepancies of these early on Fights and kills denoted by a yellow background imply the objective was won by the Imperium, and blue by P.A.P.I. Non-colored battle reports meet the criteria but were not fought over major objectives (Rorqual kills for instance)